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We have a team with experience,
professionalismand closeness

How we are?

Francesc Ruiz Castel, co-founding member of Ruiz Castel Procuradors S.L.P, created his first solicitor’s office in 1983 and, from the first moment, he was very clear about the necessary premises to succeed in his career: continuous training, close relationships with the client, the proactive exercise of the profession, the application and defense of values such as honesty and solidarity, and a central aspect in his professional career: the commitment to new technologies.

After the incorporation in 2006 of Ricard Ruiz López and the constitution of Ruiz Castel Procuradors S.L.P. In 2009, our organization had its own office in the middle of Barcelona’s Ensanche with fifteen direct employees, six of them court attorneys. We currently provide attorney services in all the judicial districts of the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia and Madrid.

We are an attorney
with more than 30 years of experience

Why trust us?

Speed and

Fast, efficient management
and proven experience


Detailed attention to the procedures presented

Honesty and

Complete transparency in all our processes

en la ley

in the law

We practice throughout the Spanish territory


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