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Since 1983 we have offered procedural representation services for the management of judicial matters. In addition, we facilitate the logistical aspects of the process with the aim of offering an agile and efficient comprehensive service.

To achieve this, we are committed to close contact with our clients and to the incorporation of the latest technological advances. Thus, in the Client Area section of the website, we offer lawyers and clients the possibility of consulting their files 24 hours a day and with maximum security.


The Solicitor of the Courts is a Law graduate expert in Procedural Law, capable of drafting any type of document or carrying out any type of management before the different bodies of the Administration of Justice.

He also fulfills an important function of collaboration with the legal director of the proceedings: he resolves queries or doubts, and promotes the processes by preparing the paperwork that is appropriate at all times. This is the philosophy that we instill in our employees and the maxim that we apply in our day to day.

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